Beauty Lovers, Your Next Destination is South Korea

In South Korea, beauty is big business and isn’t a subject to be taken lightly. From 10 step routines, sheet masks and absurd sounding ingredients – here’s why South Korea is your next beauty stop.

K Beauty makeup brushes


Unsurprisingly, Korean culture has long held an obsession with beauty. The earliest mention of skincare regimes was documented in Korean literature as far back as 700BC. Today, countless beauty shops, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeries dominate the streets. Not only are there more products on sale in South Korea than any other country, but the Korean consumer spends twice as much on beauty products as anyone else in the world.


If there’s a new trend in beauty, there’s a good possibility it originated in South Korea. From BB and CC creams to cushion compacts and sheet masks, South Korea is proving itself to be a true innovator in terms of beauty. This innovation is seen both within the wild ingredients and design in which enhances methods of application. The products in Korea are beyond imagination: eggs white cleansers, chin-straps to tighten your jawline, moisturisers boasting powerful snail secretion, and sheet masks for your nails to name a few.

K beauty products

Expertise at your fingertips

With Dermatologists gracing every corner, professional skincare is not only accessible but in comparison to other countries, it is also affordable. In Korea, it’s common practice to visit a dermatologist, even for minor skin concerns.

The approach to spas is similar, just don’t be put off by their functional look or the requirement for nudity, as they boast facilities such as salt rooms, saunas, hot stones to massage your feet, and dipping pools, and yet remain very affordable. It is something that everyone in Korea seems to do as regularly as you might meet your friends at the pub.

A Holistic Approach

In the west, beauty primarily caters towards the notion of covering and concealing. In contrast, Korean beauty endorses an entirely different perspective. In essence, it is a skin first approach. Koreans are also very conscious of how lifestyle affects the skin, emphasising a 360 approach to beauty.

Beauty in Korea is undoubtedly ingenious from the cutting edge products to the nations holistic attitude. overall Korean Beauty is seen as a form of self-care, protecting the skin, an organ, from damage and keeping it healthy. In essence, Korean beauty is less about looking pretty and more about taking care of your skin as a way of taking care of yourself.

Beauty in South Korea and K Beauty
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