Snapshot Guide: Boseong Green Tea Fields

A snapshot guide to give you a little boost before visiting the green tea fields in Boseong. Expect a combination of inspiration teamed with those all-important practicalities.

Before taking the plunge and moving to South Korea, I came across images of the Daehan Dawon plantation in Boseong and I was sold. Now having visited in real life my day trip to the fields did not disappoint.

The plantation opened in 1957 and is the only tourist plantation in South Korea. Enjoy the expansive grounds of not only green tea but also a delightful bamboo forest at the entrance. Take green tea ice cream fuelled strolls (not pictured as I devoured mine instantly) and stroll up emerald hills compiled of maze-like hedges. pablo-azurduy-69535-unsplash.jpg

Getting There: 

The journey to the plantation can seem a little long-winded and complex but it is worth it. My suggestion is to first make your way to Gwangju bus terminal, from there, get another intercity bus to Boseong bus terminal. Once you have arrived at Boseong bus terminal you can buy a ticket to go to the plantation. Look out for Nokcha Pat 녹차 팻. To leave the plantation you can buy bus tickets from one of the shops near the entrance of the plantation.

Map of the plantation
Green Tea Plantation South Korea
Green tea for days @anniceslater

Operating Hours: 

  • Summer (May-August) 09:00-19:00 (last admission)
  • Winter (September-April) 09:00-18:00 (last admission)
  • Closing at 20:00 (19:00 during winter)

When To Visit: 

The most popular time to visit is either in spring, between late March and late April, to see the new leaves on tea bushes, or in summer, from May to August, when the plantation is at its greenest.


  • Adults: Individual 4,000 won / Group (20 people or more) 3,000 won
  • Children & Teenagers (ages 7-18): 3,000 won
  • Seniors (age 65 and above): 3,000 won
  • Children ages 5 and below: Free of charge
Boseong Green Tea Fields South Korea
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